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"(Only Fools) At War With Love" was Caruso's first writer's cut on RCA Records by Artist Darcus Speed on her self titled Album "Darcus" (Released 1977)

"I'm Better" from Jeff Paris's "Race To Paradise" for Universal Music written by Michael Caruso/Jeff Paris (Released 1986; Re-Released 2012)
"I'll Be There (Holdin' On)" from Jack Wagner's "Lighting Up the Night" was released on Qwest Records (produced by Glenn Ballard); (It was performed by Wagner on the Soap Opera, General Hospital) written by Jeff Paris/Michael Caruso (Released: 1986). "Holdin' On" was also included on the Dells Release "One Step Closer" Released in the US on Private Records and Sony Records in Japan (1984); Re-released in Europe by Columbia (1994) and again in the UK in 2012 by Soul Music Records.  
"Love Made Me" was recorded by Vixen on their Self Titled Album "Vixen" for EMI/Manhattan Records; written by Michael Caruso, John Keller, Marcella Detroit (Released: 1988)
"Long Live The Night" was recorded by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts for the Days of Thunder (soundtrack) and was released in the US by Geffen Records and Internationally by Epic Records; written by Michael Caruso, Joan Jett, Randy Cantor (Released: 1990)
"Guns of Love" by Maura O'Connell from her Album,"A Real Life Story", for Warner Bros. Records; written by Michael Caruso, Randy Sharp and John Keller (Released: 1991)
"What Do You Know About Love" on Lita Ford's Dangerous Curves (album) (where Caruso also performed background vocals) was released on RCA Records; written by Michael Caruso, Randy Cantor and Cal Curtis (Released: 1991)
"Desire Me" and "Diane" were both on Terri Nunn's Moment of Truth album on DGC, Mercury, both cuts written by Terri Nunn, Michael Caruso, John Keller (Released: 1991)
"None of It Matters" by Black Eyed Susan was on their Release "Electric Rattlebone" for Mercury Records, written by Michael Caruso, Randy Cantor and Cal Curtis (Released: 1991)
"Love Is" recorded by Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight for Giant Records and featured on the Beverly Hills 90210 (soundtrack) written by Michael Caruso, John Keller and Tonio K (Released: 1992)
"Get Off My Lawn" was recorded by John Melendez from his LP "Stuttering John" for One Way Records; written by Caruso/Cantor/Melendez (Released: 1994)
"Guns of Love" by the Moffatts on their Album "The Moffats" for Polydor Records, Nashville; written by Caruso/Sharp/Keller (Released: 1995)
"Tied To The Bells" (Caruso/Cantor/Tuff) and "Don't Complain" (Caruso/Tuff) were included on Tuff's CD, "Decade Of Disrespect", for RLS Records (Released: 1996)
"Anyone But Me" Recorded by Jeff Paris for his EP "Life of My Broken Heart" for USG Records written by Michael Caruso/Jeff Paris (Recorded: 1997)
"Better Way To Die" from John Purdell's "Hindsight" Album [14] for Jackal Entertainment written by Michael Caruso/John Purdell/Paul Schwartz with Caruso on background vocals (Released 1998)
"Runaway Love" was recorded by Chris LeDoux for his "One Road Man" Album on Capitol Records- Nashville; and by Rita Coolidge for her "Thinkin' About You" Release for Innerworks Records International written by Michael Caruso,Dennis Matkosky & Tamara Champlin (Released: 1998)
"Don't Get Me Dreamin' " was written by Michael Caruso, Tamara Champlin, Blaise Tosti for Stampede's Album "Amame" on Sony Records (Released: 2000)
"Shoo-Rah" & "I'm Not Your Lover" were included on Rita Coolige's "Thinkin' About You", again, compositions by Caruso/Champlin/Matkosky (Released: 1998)and "Shoo-Rah" has since been recorded by Caruso himself on For Tessa Records (Released August 13, 2013)
"Guns of Love" by Kathy Mattea was featured on her Album "Roses" for Narada Records written by Caruso/Sharp/Keller (Released: 2002)
"Louisiana Wind" was recorded by Michael LeCompt for his EP Release "Can't Let It Go" on Quarry Records written by Michael Caruso, Dennis Matkosky, Tamara Champlin & Michael LeCompt (Released 2002)
"Second Sight" was recorded by Chris Emerson for his Album "Tourist" for Monomoy Records written by Michael Caruso, Blaise Tosti, Stacy Widelitz (Released: 2003)
"Corazon Roto" was recorded by Rogelio Martinez for his CD "Amandote Otra Vez" for Fonovisa Records; written by Michael Caruso/Richie Supa/Randy Cantor (Released: 2003)
"Pretty Ugly" and "Pretty When She Cries(Blue 22)" recorded by the Band A Perfect Day, were on the album "All Over Everything" released in Canada on Isba Records(a Division of BMG Music) written by Michael Caruso, Tamara Champlin, Janele Woodley and Joseph Hrechka (Released: 2004)
"Just Like Me" and "Why Don't You Leave", 2 Caruso/LeCompt Collaborations were featured on Michael LeCompt's "Unplugged" CD (Released 2004)
"Guns of Love" was recorded by Pam Rose for her Album " Morpheus" on Grace Records written By Caruso/Sharp/Keller (Released: 2004)
"I'm Not Your Lover" was recorded by The Sons of Champlin on their CD "Hip Lil Dreams" for Dig Music; written by Michael Caruso, Tamara Champlin, Dennis Matkosky (Released: 2005)
"No Place Left To Fall", title track of Bill Champlin's latest solo CD for Dream Makers Music, was written by Michael Caruso, Bill Champlin and Tamara Champlin. A second track, "Tuggin' on Your Sleeve" was written by Michael Caruso, Bill Champlin and Will Champlin (Released: 2008)
"Pretty When She Cries" was recorded by Lori Michaels for her CD "Living My Life Out Loud" on Reform Records written by Michael Caruso and Tamara Champlin (Released 2008)
"What's On My Mind" was recorded by Bekka Bramlett for her CD Release "I Got News For You" on Shongaloo Records; written by Michael Caruso, Tamara Champlin, Dennis Matkosky (Released: 2009)
"When the Devil Starts To Pray", features tracks written and performed by Michael Caruso: title track (co written with Randy Sharp), "Claudia Jolie" (co written with Blaise Tosti); "Madelyn" (co written with Glenn Goss); "For Tessa" (co written with Trey Bruce); "Guns of Love" (co written with Randy Sharp and John Keller); "Solomon" (co written with Tamara Champlin, Dennis Matkosky, Blaise Tosti); "Tell Me What You Will" (co written with Glenn Goss and TJ McFarland); "For Tessa" (choir featuring Jeff Paris and Moon Calhoun); co-produced with Roy Braverman on For Tessa Records (Released 2011)
"Rainin' Sunshine" was recorded Live with Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Will Champlin and Santa Fe and the Fat City Horns DVD "Live from Las Vegas" on Strokeland Records; written by Michael Caruso, Tamara Champlin, Will Champlin (Released 2012)
"You Won't Get To Heaven Alive" was performed by Tamara Champlin on Peter Friestedt, Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams Live DVD from Vivid Sounds Productions (Japan Release 2013)
"True Love's Tears" was recorded by Michael Caruso on For Tessa Records (Released 2014)
"Good When You're Gone" was released by Michael Caruso on For Tessa Records (2015)  and is now the featured Theme Song for Rob Saul's  Bi-Weekly show on the Gonzo Podcast Network
"Swept Away" (Michael Caruso, Tamara Champlin & Tom Saviano) from Nebraska Falls Release "The Real Story" (Nebraska Falls Music - 2015)

"Dreamin' Of Chagall" written by Tamara Champlin, Michael Caruso, Bill Champlin (Released by Tamara Champlin on Champlinx2 Records - 2015); added to the "Bleeding Secrets" Release by Bill Champlin & WunderGround (WunderGround Records - 2018)

"What A Day" written by Michael Caruso & Rick Rydell Recorded by Michael Caruso on For Tessa Records (Released 2016)

"Guns of Love" written by Michael Caruso, Randy Sharp, John Keller;  was recorded by Randy Sharp on his Release "Impossible Things" for With Any Luck Records (Released 2017)

"Another Mile" written by Michael Caruso & Randy Sharp; was recorded by Michael Caruso on For Tessa Records (Released 2017)

"Goodbye Is Not A Word" "True Loves Tears" and "You Don't Have to Do That" (all Caruso co-writes) were released by Suzanne Cook for the Audio Arts Company (London, UK 2019)


"Sunny Afternoon" written by Ray Davies and recorded by Michael Caruso on For Tessa Records, was featured at the Arpa International Film Festival (Released 2019) 


"Only Love" by Manu written by Michael Caruso, Eric Bazilian & Glenn Goss 300 Hairy Bears (Released 2020)  and was screened at the 2020 Arpa International Film Festival. This tune along with its original demo "Love Is All" is part of Manu's 2022 Release "Sunrise"


"Between The Lines" written by Bill Champlin, Michael Caruso & Will Champlin from Champlin, Williams Friestedt Release (CWFII) Black Lodge Records (Released 2020)

"Love Has No Heart" written by  Michael Caruso, Tamara Champlin and Bill Champlin from Bill Champlin's new release "Livin' For Love" Imagen Records (Released 2021)

"Born With An Accordion" written by Michael Caruso & Glenn Goss on For Tessa Records.  A video of the tune was featured at the Arpa International  Film Festival in 2021 and named Audience Favorite. 

"Goodbye Is Not A Word" featuring Sela Bruce, written by Michael Caruso & Trey Bruce on For Tessa Records (Released 2023)

Caruso added to his digital platforms a instrumental of his co-write with Randy Sharp, "Bigger Handful" (Released 2023)  


"Born With An Accordion"(Caruso/Goss) is on the release "Healing Through The  Arts Vol 1" using music and the arts to help those troubled by addiction and mental health issues.  Sound Mind Network (Released 2023)


"Super Flower Moon" (Michael Caruso/Tamara Champlin) was recorded by Tamara Champlin and distributed by Distrokid for streaming & downloading to digital platforms (Released 2023)


"Afraid of Love" (Caruso/Sumthing Stange) recorded by the band Sumthing Strange available for streaming and downloading on most digital platforms (Released 2024)


"Funny Thing" (Caruso/Coppolino) recorded by My Next Planet available for streaming & downloading on most digital platforms (Released 2024) 





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